Balz Baechi

Binderstrasse:58,CH 8702 Zollikon
0041 44 391 82 42


1956 Matura in Zurich Kantonales Gymnasium
1957-58 Kunstgewerbeschule Zurich
1958-61 Apprenticeship as graphic designer
1959-61 Military training to the grade of lieutenant
1962-64 Active in Paris as freelance graphic and poster-designer
1964 Married to Isabel Pardo de Leygonier in 1962
1964-66 Active in New York as Art-director
1966-90 Active in Zurich initially as freelance designer.then
Change to cartoon,political and other illustrations
newspapers,weeklys and other print media,posters, films and TV.
Book-illustrations,for children and grown-ups.
1970-72 Creation of theme–exhibitions for municipal museum.
1979 Exhibition Kunsthaus Zurich: 27 portraits
1986-90 Initiation and direction of political campaign
to restore medieval Predigerchor in Zurich.
1989 „Theater in Sicht“.Hardcover-edition of collected
Theater-illustrations,which were published in
„Tages-Anzeiger“ from 1959-1989.
from 1980 Active as painter with as main topic the human figure
Expositions in different galleries 1996,2oo3,2oo9

Creation of tax-free >
Isabel & Balz Baechi Foundation for Wallpainting.

Development of self-financed projects worldwide
2oo2-9 Restoration of 15th ct.wallpaintings in White temple in Tholing
Tibet.Architectural restoration of Red-Temple and monastery.
2009-12 Palazzo Malacrida in Valtellina,Italy,
More projects in Italy (Morbegno,Monte sacro di Varallo),
Germany (Baroque castle of Thürnich),
China (Tibetan cave in Mogao Kuo) and possibly Egypt (Abydos)


Extracurricular activities: Flute,Alpinism
Lives in Zollikon outside Zurich