Balz Baechi


Anyone living close to water,has experienced the greek legend of "birth of Venus", when firm shapes out of fluid. The paintings born since 1980 close to the lake of Zurich oscillate between both,images of expressive abstractions and of -human- figures. Swiss-german art has always treated the latter in a rather cramped way. My own access to more ease and interest dates from 3o years of sketching theatre-illustrations for "Tages-Anzeiger" (See:Balz Baechi,Theater in Sicht,Werd Verlag 1989) Add deciphering semantics of different cultures and Witnessing socio-cultural changes since 1968. How to soften pictorial suffering with Your own body ? Nude head-to-toe portraits of personal relations,painted in swift Concentrated live-sessions start with subtle,but tectonic As much as dramatic changes of positions, which are developed in common by both painter and "model" Classical male reductions of female nudes to Victims or erotic projections give Way to autonomous face to face-postures. The"liquid"abstractions,do not only remind,that We consist of 85% of water,but also float out of 45 minutes Of the flutist's daily training. Balz Baechi 1.7.2012